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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 30, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now express lane finds your driving info with justne click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. watch it. watch it. >> all right. well, obviously we found we where at least some ghadaffi stragglers are. i wish we were with more reliable soldiers because with all of the firing and crossfiring you don't know who is who geraldo live from new york i'm geraldo rivera reporting and because libya is a place where the thick fog of war are can obscure who is who i cut the obama administration slack for not knowing immediately who attacked our embassy on 9/11 and killed our
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people. within hours certainly within a couple of days as the facts' merged the administration must have known what really happened but they stuck stubbornly to their implausible explanation that the antimuslim movie was what sparked the flame that claimed the lives of our four americans. because of that willful ignorance we were the first to call it benghazi gate. >> there is no justification. none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> in fact, this was not a preplanned premeditated attack. >> i would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> we have reports that white house said today that the attacks in libya were terrorist attacks. >> we are still doing an investigation there are going to be different circumstances in different countries so i don't want to speak to something until we have all of the information. >> i have first hand experience in that country with all of the
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anarchy and all of the mobs and appears to by an al-qaeda or terrorist professional attack. a coordinated combined arms attack and ambush on the consnsulate. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> geraldo: call it benghazi gate. the question of what the obama administration knew about the true nature of the assault that killed our ambassador chris stevens and the three other brave americans and when they knew it. >> there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. >> it was a terrorist attack. the reason i think it clearly was a terrorist attack is because a group of terrorists obviously conducted that attack on the consulate. and against our individuals. >> ambassador rice should resign but also we should investigate and find out how high up this went and and i would hope the administration would voluntarily come forward and say whey they gave out this false information when they had to know there was so much more
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out there and yet they wanted to rule out terrorism from the start. >> geraldo: calling for ambassador rice's administration. what did the administration know and when can they know it? >> john: issa is on the phone from his home state of georgia. what do you think of peter king's call for ambassador rice to resign? >> i think ambassador vice a talented lady who may be a fall person for administration. she would have only said what the administration confirmd that she could say and we know with from what mr. clapper said the dni director that they initially did think it was an unorganized gang and spontaneous mob but immediately learned facts that led them to believe it was a terrorist attack including some individuals affiliated with or directly responsible to al-qaeda. the issue when did the administration know and what
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did they know and did they protect or fail to protect chris stevens in his capacity. and you have to remember, geraldo, when the diary was uncovered, it was quoted as having an entry that said chris stevens wrote he said he was al-qaeda's number hit list and thought that his life was in danger. what we have asked for and hope we will get from the secretary of state is all of the communiques from the embassy and the consulate in libya to the administration and to the secretary of state to find out if they knew what mr. stevens felt and if they did why they did not do more to protect him. >> geraldo: senator isakson stand by, mario diaz villard have with us from tampa. do you think an issue politically speaking now, put aside the substance of the terrible issue in benghazi, libya. do you think an issue like benghazi gate can make a difference in a state like
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florida? >> not only in florida. the reality this is a serious issue. this is not just a small political mistake. an administration that it looks like purposely held back information from the american people. looks like they purposely misled and gave out false information to the press and to the american people knowing that what they were saying was not true. this is pretty serious and again not only is that serious on its own but then the fact that you are dealing with four american patriots that were fascinated and -- assassinated and that is what they were playing around with. this is serious stuff. not just a little mistake and misspoken word. a coverup when you have americans murdered and it looks like the administration knew that it was is terrorists and for some reason they refused to tell the american people the truth. actually let me correct myself. they not only refused to tell the american people the truth they were telling them something that they knew was blatantly false on the murder of four americans.
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this is serious stuff. >> congressman diaz villard, one second. i will go to senator isakson on the phone from georgia. senator, do you accept congressman diaz villard's characteristickization of benghazi gate as a quote unquote coverup? >> it appears to be because the president of the united states is the woman person yet to acknowledge it was a terrorist -- is the only person to acknowledge it was a terrorist attack. why he will not do it i do not know. >> geraldo: what details would you like from senator clinton, i mean secretary of state clinton? >> we would like to see any communications from chris stevens or any other member of the embassy or consulate in libya leading up to the days of the attack on 9/11 if in fact the information in the diary is correct it has been reported, i cannot believe that they did not have earlier warning that this attack was going to take place. shoe so you are not going to wait for the fbi then, senator?
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>> no. and i'm a signatory on the letter. i wanted to make this clear, geraldo. we voted in the committee on the 18th of september to send the letter. it was not sent until the 27th. between the 18th and 27th the information came out about the diary that is when senator corker of tennessee and myself sent the letter asking for the communiques. we believe if chris stevens' diary is correct he sent information to the administration and shelling and they failedsmith failed to to do what they should have done to protect the ambassador. >> can this affect the vote turnout and total in florida? >> i think so. when you look at the bush administration, a moment was katrina. when the american people thought that the administration was not properly handling katrina. this so me is potentially much more serious and much more devastating because not only is
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it -- it is either total incompetentence or worse so i don't know which you want to call it. say that they were totally incompetent and didn't know what it was and one person wasn't speaking to the other all the way up to the president or they frankly were covering it up and i don't know frankly how you want to categorize it but either way i think there are a lot of unanswered questions and i want to commend senator isakson. one of the most responsible and serious members of congress in the u.s. senate. i want to commend him for once again seriously trying to get to the bottom of this. this is a serious issue. american people deserve answers and by the way, the families of these slain american heros deserve for the president and for the administration to speak to them straightforward and let them know what is going on and what has happened and right now they are not getting that as well. >> thank you very much. thank you both. >> thank you,.
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>> geraldo: believe it or not, folks, actually good news out of libya today. hundreds in benghazi and in tripoli the capital city answering the called of their chiefs of staff to hand over their weapons. to hand over following popular outrage against the armed militias following the murders of ambassador stevens and h his three brave colleagues. sadly they represent just a tiny fraction of those in private hands in that chaotic country. coming up, more on benghazi gate. plus, presidential candidate roseanne barjuc bar on why shes fighting to stop the federal crackdown and medical marijuana. alannah stewart. wait until you see the speedos. and former republican governor charlie crist joins us around tells us why he is backing president obama. governor crist is next, after this. ♪
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>> geraldo: back live with just 38 days until the election, president obama maintains his 6% lead in the gallup you daily tracking poll. he is up 50% to 44% for governor romney. rasmussen has it much tighter, though. has the president up by just two points, 48 to 46 for mr. romney. could the spreading benghazi gate scandal slow the president's momentum? let's ask former governor charlie crist of the crucial battleground state of florida. governor crist it in tampa. mario diaz was in miami. governor crist, my mom says hi. still remembers you fondly when you dropped by her 85th birthday. i have to say governor rick scott is sending her love letters. i don't know, man. out of sight, out of mind. you got to get back into the game. >> your mother is a great lady and i was honored to be at her
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birthday and i want to thank you publicly for come doing carol and my wedding about four years ago. it was nice to have is you in st. peter's. thank you for the invitation. >> geraldo: you are great couple and i appreciated being with us. what about benghazi gate? does it have legs in florida? >> i don't think we know yet. i really don't. until you get answers to some of the questions i have seen you pose o on the segment befoe i don't think you can answer that question whether it will have an impact or not. people are concerned about things certainly happening overseas but things happening here at home. they are concerned about the economy. people have been talking about that during the entire campaign. i think that is where the primary focus will continue to be in the next 38 days before the election. >> geraldo: do you think medicare for example far outweighs an issue like benghazi gate? >> i know medicare is incredibly important particularly in a state like florida as you know such a significant senior population
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in this state. even if you are not a senior you care about making sure that your parents or grandparents continue to have the kind of benefits they need to maintain their health and make sure are that they can pay their bills around the needs that they need attended to are met in fact. and so i think that is going to be an enormously important issue going forward. we have the debates coming up shortly. three in the presidential. one for the vice presidential candidates. those are going to be significant as well. the first one coming up just wednesday night. >> geraldo: do you think the debates could be a game changer? >> anything is possible. an awful lot of people i'm sure you are going to be tuning in particularly to the first debate and i think, though, that that these are two pretty seasoned competitors in the president and duf governor romy and i think people will be watching to see what the candidates have to say. you know, if somebody makes a mistake or trips in some way, that can have an impact. but i don't know that it is going to change a whole lot.
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we'll have to watch and see. >> are you a democrat now? going to run for governor against rick scott? >> i'm an independent and i'm doing everything i can to try to get president obama reelect. >> geraldo: same question as an independent. going to run for governor again? >> i'm not focus the on that. what i'm focused on is trying to help president obama. i think this is a pivotal election in our nation's history and most people feel that way. people really are tuned in to the race and thank you for your great coverage of providing more information as each day passes. but i think that the outcome of this election will make a huge determination on the future of florida and the future of america. >> geraldo: who how do you deal, you are such a good person. we hold you in such high regard. how do you feel being accused of being a traitor politically and all that? >> that is okay. that is part of the polic pricf
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telling the truth. and if people want to have the accusations and personalle ad hominem attacks just because you are speaking from the heart. i have the right to tell what i feel. i couldn't sit by and not speak from my heart and tell people how i feel because i have got ton know this man. i have gotten to know president obama. one of the first things he did after he got sworn in was come to florida and it was right when our economy was going off a cliff and it started the september before in '08. he came here in february of '09 and was talking about the recovery act and help our teach evers and firefighters and people that really needed help and as governor i could see this coming. i saw the hole we had in our budget and he was here trying to get this pass sod that it would help not only florida but all of our states and it did help our state and then two years later we had this enormous spill in the gulf of mexico, the bp spill.
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yet again the president comes down to help florida. he didn't see a red state or blue state or then a republican governor, he saw people who needed help and came down and his administration. i mean the vice president was here secretary of homeland security. he was here. >> geraldo: i'm up against a hard break. love to carolyn and you. thanks is for coming on tonight. i enjoyed seeing you again. >> me pleasure and hello to your mother and your bride. thank you you. >> geraldo: coming up, roseanne barr and willie davis on what happens if the packers lose the title because of the bad call by the replacement refs. all that, after this.
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roseanne barr and alannah stewart and important update on the aurora massacre. first, benghazi gate and whether the injuries jeff changing story will become the unexpected event that changes the whole game. two guests to weigh in on that one. ed rollins on the left and santita jackson on the left. thank you both. i love your necklace. it's gorgeous. do you think this is a big deal? >> you know, yeah, it is a big deal but it is a big deal because we are not looking at this in an even way. it is -- is it a gai game chan? could be possibly. i would hope that we would step back and really pick a measured look at all of this. what we did not do was i think the administration blinked when they should have been thinking. they made a rush to judgment. the fact is when it happened they didn't know what happened. no one knows immediately.
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what you know is that people are dead and so what you have to do is step back and investigate but they jumped out here and they should not have done that. >> there is no inkling of dishonesty in the obama administration and this has the stink of that. >> i think the spin was the sin here. i think the tragedy of an american ambassador being murdered it was and the other three gentlemen who were with him is outrageous. in normal times that would be front page story every day and all be up in arms and a bipartisan effort. in the middle of the political campaign muscle we are having discussions like this. i think we need to get to the bottom of it and we need to protect our embassies. any country which won't protect our ambassador which is like our flag and representty of our president and our country we should get out of there. >> there should be draconian reaction. >> the new government there has to investigate it or let us
1:24 am
investigate it. they probably won't. and they got to get to the bottom of this and find who did this and treat them as murderers. >> we carry the water for nato on this. if we are going to be honest about this we need to dial this back and see how you we got here and the fact is now america is being blamed for what is should have been a group operation. we now have enemies we in talled a government we don't know who these people are. we obviously cannot trust them and yet we put our people in the middle of that. >> geraldo: doesn't that reflect on president obama's polyvis-a-vis libya, maybe the entire arab world? >> i think this was a bipartisan betrayal. democrats and republicans said we should go in and invade this country. he had his friends as well. and that left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. i want to get to the bottom of this so we have no more dead americans and no more dead libyans. >> two things occurred here. one is we didn't do anything
1:25 am
initially. we were tied down to two wars that are very unpopular. second what happened is because our military is so sophisticated nobody else could do it by themselves. nato could not do that. italy and france wanted to go in there and had oil interests and didn't have the resources to get the job done so we get dragged into it. at the end of the day once we are dragged into it we can't pretend like we weren't a part of it. >> geraldo: we were a part of it. does it hurt the president politically santita? >> i hope not. i hope we keep the team in place. >> geraldo: no resignation for ambassador rice. how could she not know what my 93-year-old mom knows. the second time of referencing my mom tonight? >> she never should have gone forth until she had absolutely positive evidence. >> geraldo: should she resign. >> the reelection is so close she ought to ride it out. >> she he won't be the next.
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>> it would be a big mistake to put her in. >> geraldo: have to leave it there sadly. thank you you very much. i appreciate both of you. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> geraldo: why did the obama administration flip flop on medical marijuana? will that cost the president the pro-pot vote? roseanne barr is on the ballot in florida. remember that ralph nader, folks? the whole notion of the nfl the replacement refs are back but should the games that they officiated count? we'll be live from green bay and you will hear the mayor suggest that the first three games they should be wide off games they should be wide off th
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live from america's news headquarters wor this hour of another apparent insider attack saying an afghan soldier on saturday. no word on if either victim was american. 52 nato service members died this year in such attacks. also saying members of the afghan national army were killed in this latest assault z capitol hill put a hold on nearly a half billion dollars in aid earmarked for egypt following the latest anti-american turmoil across
1:31 am
the middle east. the obama administration is promising egypt emergency money on friday but the head of the house subcommittee says she's not convinced egypt needs it right now. now back to geraldo at large. blp >> we are ready to go. we have our equipment and the things we need to be on the field for sunday. >> so see the reception that our guys got last night was really heart warming and it may happen at most of the venues this weekend. >> when you have something and you look at your fellow official you both better be on the same page and what happened turned in in to be a nightmare and it is all history now. >> the nfl officiating fiasco is h history. given what happened to the green bay packers against the seattle seahawks is the damage already done? we are asking one of the all-time packer greats, the
1:32 am
captain of the green and gold who helped his vince win championships.bardi team author of the brand new biography, closing the gap, willie davis joins us. what is up, willie. what's up? >> hey, what a pleasure. what a pleasure! >> geraldo: you got a standing ovation here. what do you -- let me introduce our other guests and then you will both talk about this particular provocative point raised by the mayor of green bay, wisconsin, james schmidt joins us. so mr. mayor, first of all, you want the first three games thrown out and you want them wiped off the ledger is that right? >> we are sure concerned about the referee [break in audio] >> geraldo: mayor, your audio is breaking up. let me ask willie davis the same question. what do you think about the
1:33 am
first three games getting thrown out? should they have an asterisk? what do you think should happen particularly to the last game? >> i'm sure delighted that it is finally settled and so i don't almost think of going back in time but it is very devastating to a team like green bay who lost the game, could very well be a factor down the line as they try to win this division. i just, you know, i have been around a long time and i have never seen anything more devastating. >> geraldo: what would vince lombardi have done? i'm reading your book "closing the gap." what would vince have done with a call like that one against seattle the other week? >> i with sa can say this, thes nothing that i could ever believe that he would have done anything but blow up. he would have absolutely gone
1:34 am
crazy about the situation. and almost any coach would have to have some concern. i mean this thing got out of control. it was on the edge. >> geraldo: it was on edge and it fell off the edge. i want to try mayor schmidt again. on that audio there, mr. mayor, you are also a stockholder in the green bay packers. are you suggesting that you might sue the nfl? >> look, we just need the proper refereeing and -- >> geraldo: i'm sorry i can't hear you. you you have to put the captions on the bottom of the screen. i'm he really sorry. i'm sure you had some provocative ideas is there. going back to willie davis. willie game itself, will lee, changed much? you had the awful bounty scandal involving the new orleans saints. you have all of the talk about
1:35 am
concussions. you have, you know, no helmet to helmet contact. the game seems to be a lot more regulated on the one hand and then maybe there is this other streak, a dark streak going on sub terrainously. do you still recognize the game as you played it back in the lombardi era. >> i can still recognize but it is not the same game. i can tell you one thing that this hitting above the shoulders or the head-to-head whatever you want to call it, it has no place in pro football as far as i'm concerned and i'm definitely glad to see commissioner goudell address it because i've never seen more of those type of injuries in my life. >> geraldo: so you like this new approach? >> yes, i do. because i he think that, you know, it is tough, look, coach
1:36 am
lombardi used to talk about it is a game of contact, it's physical, it's all those things but i don't think he ever had in mind what is this deliberate attempt to almost injure players or whatever. >> geraldo: i get you. willie, got to leave it there. we will fix those skypes. the new book closing the gap. i wanted to ask mayor james schmidt in the swing state of wisconsin how he thinks green bay is is going to vote. mayor youville to leave it until we fix the audio next time. thank both you gentleman. moving on, remember how in 2000 ralph nader ran as the green party candidate in florid in fd helped george w. bush narrowly defeat al gore in the sunshine state? could that happen again. well, roseanne barr if she has her way it might happen again. she is on the ballot in florida. here's craig. >> we will move forward
1:37 am
together. >> we are going to take the white house. thank you so very much. >> and president obama and governor mitt romney make their way through the battleground states one presidential candidate came here to oakland, california tortion talk about a special issue in her campaign. >> who pays for this failed system of endless is war, endless debt and endless debt? pot smokers. >> we caught up with domestic goddess turned presidential candidate roseanne barr during a town hall meeting at america's first candidate's college. >> locking up your own tax base is simply stupid. when the president and military in dust -- industrial complex is closed down we will be able to grow h e&s mohamed p which will save all of our assets. >> what made you decide to run for president. >> same thing that made we wanted to do a sitcom. sitting home and watching tv
1:38 am
before i did the sitcom i thought i could do better than that. same idea. >> one of your major issues is the legalization of marijuana. is why you are here today? >> that is why i'm here. i do believe that we live in a free country and we should be free to smoke what we want and drink what we want and particularly if what we want to smoke is medication that does great things for us. >> she says weed helped her with symptoms of bipolar disorder. >> you would par take in medical marijuana at least? >> i have a prescription for medical marijuana. i'm a proud user of medical marijuana but i think that marijuana should be legalize the. marijuana in california is a billion dollars industry. and we need those taxes for schools and other programs they are cutting. >> after failing to gain the nod from california's green party, roseanne was nominated by the peace and freedom party. founded in los angeles during
1:39 am
the '60s antiwar movement. the party nominated ralph nader in 2008. >> marijuana helps to us reduce mind control and it is the most effective weapon against that. without mind control the people would demand representational government that works for not against the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! >> once a safe haven in california's thriving medical marijuana industry, they taught to uses of students cultivation and grew medical marijuana until a federal crackdown in april. the college now struggling to keep their doors open. >> they took everything but the office furniture so brought the school to its knees. fortunately they also managed to disassociate the schools from any of the other marijuana businesses now we are simply a first amendment fight so we can do things and work with people that we were never able to do
1:40 am
before. >> tell me about having roseanne here after all this happened at oaksterdam university. >> the war goes out and we have more people come out for legalization every day. we had three presidents at the united nations call for legalization. i think things are going our are way more than ever. are three states that have, oregon, washington and colorado have it on the ballot this year. we are real hopeful. >> how would life be different under roseanne barr's administration? >> well, it would make a lot more sense, i will tell you that. i would have pot legal and i would immediately make war illegal and the business of war illegal. war profiteering is ridiculous and shameful. >> tell me your opinions of president obama and candidate mitt romney? >> i think they are both relevant to the majority of the american people. they work for the same guy and i think the american people have the right to vote for a party not owned by bankers and that is another reason why i'm running for president.
1:41 am
>> so she is serious about this? >> serious enough to have gotten on to the ballot in at least, florida. i think her main objective is to keep her party aleve by raising enough votes and money. the peace and freedom party needs 45,000 registered voters on their platform in order to be on the ballot for the state elections in california in 2014. so she is using her name and the publicity to help garner the votes is. >> geraldo: could definitely cause barack obama to lose in florida if it is a tie in florida and she gets 20,000 votes i think nader got 40,000 or 50,000 votes he gave the election to george w. bush. >> wouldn't that be something on the raising, you know, pot legalization issue. >> geraldo: on the raising pot legalization issue. craig, thanks. millions were raised for the victims of the july movie massacre in colorado but they have received a grand total of $5,000 each. which in the words of one father of one of the victims wasn't enough to pay for his
1:42 am
son's coffin. that story, after this. ♪
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aah! learning how to kick flip 6 stairs takes determination. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. >> geraldo: back live. the qua gentleman in the euphoriaer right-hand corner of the screen is tom. his son was killed in the colorado movie massacre. he is with us live tonight from phoenix. at the bottom right of the screenmy mi kay lay hicks who was one of the many wounded in the massacre where 12 died. she just had surgery to remove
1:46 am
the bul bullet lodged in her f. sitting alongside her is her dad greg. tom let me start with you. $5 million raised. only $5,000 distributed per victim. are you worried is that why you have come public that that money will never reach the intended beneficiaries even though this was raised in your name? >> the reality is we got involved in this right after my son's funeral in new jersey we had to have three funerals for him. and somebody called one of the other fathers of another mikayla who was unfortunately murdered like my son and was trying to get some help with his grieving and went to this fund and was told, you know, too bad it only goes through nonprofits. i said that can't be true. we did -- i said let me make some calls. that was on a saturday. i put a message in to giving
1:47 am
first and then we went online and saw that they were using the pictures of all 12 murdered victims with a tagline that said give directly to the victims and then when we finally talked to them they said well, that is not true and i said yeah, you better beechier sure it is not true because i took some screen shots because immediately the pictures came down interestingly enough and then they came back to us and said well, it is true and we made a mistake and we are sorry and told us it was only going to be given to nonprofits and we took issue with that. essentially it is hard to figure out what is going on. we have been trying to help all of the victims. obviously the 12 of us who lost our loved ones it will be tough to make -- that is not going to change. we are in a club that you don't want to join. the dues are too high and it is a lifetime membership. but there needs to be some honor here and there needs to be integrity and we expound that that really isn't the case. >> geraldo: you know, you you have our sincere condolences.
1:48 am
your 24-year-old son alex, are we can't -- words fail to describe how you must be feeling right now. so, so sorry. mickala how are you doing? >> i'm doing good besides the cold i have right now. >> geraldo: okay. can you show us -- i'm so sorry, you poor thing. can you show us exactly where the bullet entered and where the surgery happened? >> yeah, i was hit with a bullet in my chin right here and it then later sat in my other side of my chin on this side and i got two teeth taken out in my bottom part of my mouth. >> how are you feeling emotionally right now aside from your awful cold? >> i'm feeling good. emotion hasn't really been the
1:49 am
issue. my mouth physically hasn't been hurting that much which is good and i'm very thankful for that. >> geraldo: dad, greg, are you angry at this scandalously small distribution to the victims like your daughter? >> yeah, the money was given and donated for and on behalf of the victims of the shooting and the governor and h his committee have told us one thing and then do another thing so we can't trust the local committee thathis communeee has their hands on $5 million because it gives them the power over the distribution of it. >> the governor john chickenlooper has promised to get more -- hicknelooper has promised to get more involved. do you believe that? >> no. >> i wish i was there to give
1:50 am
you a pat on the back. have a cup of tea. thank you so much for coming on today. we will continue to monitor the distribution. the man in charge not a bad guy, he has volunteered to do in. up next the beautiful model actress talk show host who [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, yoargeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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i find is really fascinating i love to watch the people and especially someone like this everyone is so conscious of themselves and the way they look and if they are being paragraphed as much as somebody else is be po photo graphed. it is one. it doesn't impress me in a way. i was a little girl and i grew up in texas and being around all these people it is fascinating. >> she led a fairy tale life
1:54 am
but the best selling author of a brand new memoir are rear view mirror says it hasn't all been champagne and caviar. a hit back, rear view mirror. >> from your mouth to god's earss. >> fun looking back. >> where did you get that. amazing. >> almost 40 years guy. do you believe that. >> i was pregnant with ashley. it was 37 years ago i can't believe it and you were there on the beach surrounded by beautiful women. >> if you have the shot of me and george walking on the beach. look at how beautiful you are. you are such a doll. any way, i had no idea you had all this dram that going on until i read this wonderful auto biography. raped at the age of 18. bulimia and alcohol. dealing with george hamilton, on the one hand, and rod stewart on the other. how did you keep that part of
1:55 am
your life hidden for so long? >> and why? >> well, because i am a very private person basically and that is why after i wrote the book i sort of went into a panic attack thinking oh, my god now my life is really going to be an open book. i thought by sharing my challenges and struggles maybe i could help somebody else going through a similar thing. as you said i have gone through a variety of different challenges in my life and i grew up very, very poor with in my early years i lived with my grandmother and she was a very religious woman and very strong belief in god and she taught me some real deep home texas values and that is kind what have has gotten me through my life. >> nacogdoches. >> i don't know why that trivia stuck be in my head. >> and that you could pronounce it is amazing. >> i assume living in malibu
1:56 am
that you were wealthy from george hall milton and rod stewart one of the most is successful rockers of all time. it wasn't the case. >> it wasn't the case. when george and i split up we wrote out our agreement on a napkin. >> very unhollywood. >> and when rod and i split up it was a different story but i walked away with not very much willingly because i was young still and i thought i would work and my life would take a different turn and i was probably foolish at the time. >> why did you think that rod stewart would change from being the legendary womanizer that he was? >> doesn't every woman when she falls in love think that the man is going to change for her 12346789. >> geraldo: sure. >> well, i thought that, too. and we did for the first few years of our marriage we had a real fairy tail marriage and we were very much in love and then slow hely but surely started to
1:57 am
crumble. i was no longer the fun loving girl that he met because suddenly i had three small children and i wanted to stay home and be with the kids and he wasn't quite ready to give up the rock style life yet. i write about it in the book. i certainly take 50% of the blame. it was not all his fault. not by any means. >> geraldo: we hold books up and say read this book. i want you to this is really terrific. no holds barred. rear view mirror. good luck with in. >> thank you so much. >> so nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> fun looking down memory lane. >> great to be here. >> that is it for us. i will see you on the radio and social media. have a great weekend.
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